Our newest product is a tribute to the houses of Brooklyn. While the brownstones may be more famous, there's another breed of weathered old brick building that deserves your love too. These beauties have seen it all. Over the years, windows and doors have been bricked up and reopened in different shapes. They were marked by every era that came and passed. They are often mixed-use, harboring a bodega, a bistro, a garage, and some wonky upstairs apartments with no right angle in sight. Need a cable installation? We'll just hang the cable from your window, you're fine.

Below are some inspiration pics from around the hood. These houses are typical of Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, Prospect Heights, Bed-Stuy, Williamsburg, Greenpoint. Lots of haphazard repairs, hand painted signs, randomly spared 19th century details. Gorgeous!




These faded old ghost signs can be found all over the place, advertising long gone products. They still work, too - I feel like buying some Syrup of Figs right about now.



Here's what street signs looked like in the days before Modernism and its new-fangled ideas about legibility.


Mural by Boxer Juntaro.


Delicious mural by ESPO. This building has been knocked down unfortunately :(


These are some early prototypes, just messing around with delivery boxes and seeing a cat's reaction. The idea was to make something more cavelike and inviting, with small openings that can be defended.

Here's one of the early sketches - not too far off from what we ended up with.


The process moved on to layout and construction. The Brooklyn House builds on the design of the Ice Cream Truck for Cats, and has the same dimensions. 

The artwork was created in passes, starting out with materials, like brick and wood, and then just adding layers of paint, dirt, signage, weeds, reflections and everything else you see. Here's an early half scale print of the art - lots of detail missing still.



The house was printed in Pennsylvania using offset print, which is the best quality print you can get - and also the most expensive. But it's worth it, because the result is a real facemelter! Check out OTO Brooklyn House for Cats here.

Thanks to Tattly for letting us use your photo studio! Thanks to Brooklyn Cat Cafe for lending us awesome cats.