Hi everyone, my name is Måns Swanberg. I’m the person behind Famous OTO. I’m a Swedish designer living and working in New York.

My background is in illustration and animation. I generally love big, colorful, and wonky typography - maybe you can tell. Famous OTO started as my passion project because it seemed to me that cardboard has so many wonderful possibilities - it’s cheap and abundant, it comes from nature, it can be shaped however you want and printed with whatever you can dream up.

I’m a big fan of kids’ imaginations. The possibility to make huge cardboard playhouses with super vivid illustrations was just too fun to pass up. I often see a complete lack of detail in toys, and always with those flat primary colors. Why is this? It’s obvious that kids have very strong innate aesthetic sensibilities and it would be a shame to underestimate that. Much better to really bring on all the layers and textures and subtexts. Who knows what’ll stick? I don't think that’s for us to decide. Like in a Pixar movie, I want there to be enough layering and depth to keep everyone entertained, from toddlers to grandparents. Let’s make sure everyone has a good time, right? I’m looking at you, Teletubbies. 

Famous OTO products are designed by me in Brooklyn. They are manufactured in Pennsylvania - by adults, who are paid real wages. The cardboard is food grade, meaning it’s non-toxic to the point where you can eat it. (Don't eat it.) It biodegrades completely and will never end up forming continents of garbage floating in the oceans. It was made from trees that grew out of the air.

For a while, I’ve been donating $1 for every truck sold to a charity called One Tree Planted. For every dollar donated, they plant a tree in various reforestation programs around the world. To date, we’ve planted over 5,300 trees. It would be cool to calculate how many trucks you can make out of a tree, surely it would be a lot more than one? This would mean that every Famous OTO truck will generate more tree than was used to make it.

One Tree Planted

Even though cardboard is a cheap material, printing plates and such are actually horribly expensive. That’s why you don’t see a wider product line at the moment. I’m still working on that! It’s not for lack of ideas, I just have to save up for each new release. Thanks for your patience! For those writing impatient emails, thanks for your impatience. :)

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